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Bobby Mansour

“ Bobby visited 14 capital cities before visiting his own ”

Born and raised in NE Ohio, Bobby is the better of two sons of Catarina and Dennis Mansour. He acquired his emotional tenacity from his Venezuelan mother, and his cogent sensibility from his American father. Bobby had a taste for international travel in his youth that pervaded into his college and adulthood years. In a non-traditional fashion, Bobby visited 14 capital cities before visiting his own. He studied abroad in Guatemala and in Chile where he developed his thirst for wine and appetite for avocado. Bobby spends countless hours listening to podcasts that grant him the ability to answer any question in a sometimes fanciful, yet compelling, manner. Bobby resides in Houston with his wife and two four-legged furry children. He currently works as the International Baccalaureate Coordinator in a local high school, molding the next generation of global citizens.

Countries Visited, Out of 196

3 Fun Facts About Bobby

  1. Hometown record holder for 110 High Hurdles.
  2. Avid outdoorsman.
  3. Favorite reading genre is non-fiction science.

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