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Lawrence Kalinov

“ good planning is what allows an amazing experience to feel unplanned ”

Lawrence is the first generation son of Bulgarian immigrants. He spent his childhood in New York, and many summers lugging heavy suitcases filled with books on and off trains while traveling Eastern Europe. His studies have been broad, from Mathematics and Physics to English Literature. He landed in the field of Manufacturing in Houston, Texas, eventually founding his own company. Lawrence stays actively involved in team sports. He is a member of Ice Hockey and Soccer teams, playing on a weekly basis. Lawrence shares his love of adventure and travel with his wife and three kids. He is a natural leader who understands that good planning is what allows an amazing experience to feel unplanned. Oh, and ask him sometime to walk on his hands…

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3 Fun Facts About Lawrence

  1. Former breakdancer
  2. Budding Filmmaker
  3. Chess Enthusiast

12 Countries in 12 Months

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