Escape the Norm: Pangea196 Digital Nomad Giveaway

If your job is not bound by a particular location, and any relevant business meetings can be conducted where strong Wi-Fi signal is present, then Pangea196’s remote work program offers the perfect opportunity for you to travel while you work.

Pangea196 is a convenient and affordable group travel option for location independent workers who want to experience the world. Are you ready to pick up your laptop, escape the same old routine, and start exploring multiple cities in exotic destinations such as South Africa and Greece?

Practical Support for Digital NomadsWork Remotely

Traveling with Pangea196 starts at $1,500 per month and includes travel costs between countries, living accommodations with kitchen access, co-working space access, and additional excursions in each location.

In fact, traveling with Pangea196 is often cheaper than living at home. Take for example, the cost of monthly rent plus utilities in San Francisco or similar cities. With Pangea196,  you are spending less than half the cost of rent, all while gaining access to the ultimate working atmosphere and living environment where every day is different and new experiences are the norm.

Additional Benefits of Becoming a Pangean

The benefits of joining Pangea196 are not limited to working and living arrangements. Pangea196 also organizes cultural, networking, and community events. So when you do close the laptop for the evening, you can take time to meet interesting and like-minded people from all over the world.

Pangea196  also ensures you have access to everything you need while guiding you through the process of transitioning into a digital nomad. By providing best practices, processes, as well as checklists for the essentials you will need while you work and travel, Pangea196 has got you covered.

Pangean Nomad Essentials Pack Giveaway

That being said, Pangea196 is giving away some incredibly useful essentials for digital nomads. Whether you currently work and travel or you are interested in a future location independent career, these essentials will get you started!

Inside the Pangean Nomad Essentials Pack:

  • Laptop Back Pack – transport your laptop safely around the world with this anti-theft, durable, yet stylish backpack.
  • Bose Headphones – escape from the outside noise, listen to music, or speak to a client privately from your co-working space with these high quality headphones.
  • Universal Adaptor – work remote from any space in any part of the world. You will never have to worry about your laptop charger fitting in the socket with this work and travel essential.
  • Cord Organizer – prevent losing and having to untangle your cords with a travel cord organizer. You can store everything from USB cords to your hard drive in a compact, safe place.
  • RFID Passport Travel Organizer –  stay organized and prevent theft with a passport travel organizer. You can fit your passport, boarding pass, credit cards, cell phone, money, keys, and a pen.
  • Scratch the world travel map – watch yourself become a true digital nomad with a scratch off world travel map. Mark off the countries you have been to and watch the map fill with colors.

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