The Life

Work. Travel. Live

The Pangean Life

You are almost already living this life. You are sitting in the same local coffee shop building your business or  working on that project, but you’re not looking out over the Black Sea. You speak excitedly about your ideas to the same group of people, but you need fresh perspectives and backgrounds to get real feedback. You keep rearranging your apartment, paying your bills, maintaining your car, and another year goes by and you can’t say what happened… Are you ready to change your lifestyle?

Imagine traveling the world doing your current job in amazing destinations with a group of high-achieving individuals…


For what is often less than your current cost of living, you can take part in a way of life that many people think they have to put off until retirement, if they experience it at all. You already have the location-independent lifestyle of the modern remote workforce, now you just need the exciting life to match. Let us guide you to the Pangean way of life.

Traveling with the Pangea196 group can be cheaper than staying at home

Monthly Cost of Living Comparison*

Pangea196 $2,000 2000 ($/month)
Houston $2,496 2496 ($/month)
Los Angeles $2,755 2755 ($/month)
Chicago $3,216 3216 ($/month)
San Francisco $3,460 3460 ($/month)
New York $3,941 3941 ($/month)

*Does not include meals or additional entertainment

The Pangean Way of Life

What better way to get to the essence of living the good life than traveling and meeting new people, absorbing various cultures, exposure to exotic cuisines all the while you are surrounded by a diverse group of high achieving individuals with which to share the experience and formulate lifelong bonds along the way. Alongside the lifelong connections developed amongst Pangeans, the Pangea196 program emphasizes deep connections to the local communities where we will be living throughout the year. If you can work from anywhere, why not spend a year working from everywhere?

The Pangean Experience

Pangea196 takes people with location-independent jobs to different countries all over the world – providing 24 hour access to WiFi, co-working spaces and quality accommodations. We also organize networking, cultural, and community events in each location. Travel between all locations is included. This program is ideal for digital nomads, remote workers, and entrepreneurs.

If you can work from anywhere, why not spend a year working from everywhere?